Single Review: Being Supreme - Fish Go Deep

Taken from their forthcoming album this new single from Irish duo Fish Go Deep is pure tension and release. Starting with a slinky, fairly standard minimal intro everything melts away after the first minute, backing away as if to make room for the incoming bass line.

And for a moment the bass line steals the show, thick and dense as it is. But the other elements gradually fall back in - spongy drums and chanted vocals and a deep piano refrain. It builds out layer after layer, the feel taught like elastic at breaking point whilst the vocals continue to chant "We are so.... Deep".

And deep it is, at least until those vocals break into a rally that culminates in a fantastic break, like a pressure release. 'Being Supreme' is a big, bold house record.

On the flip is a a dub - the vocals are used sparingly and the rhythm is thicker but the space lets piano and jazzy stabs of brass move giving things a more summery feeling.

Being Supreme is released on Go Deep on 22 June and is followed by the album Draw The Line on 29 June. Both are available to pre-order here and here respectively on MP3 from [affiliate links].

Stream Being Supreme below on Spotify [account required]: