Video: A Leave Taking - Bill Ryder-Jones

File this under spellbinding. I didn't know who Bill Ryder-Jones was but a trip to Wikipedia soon had me informed that he used to play guitar for the Coral but that he quit for 'reasons unknown'. Being a bit of a hater of The Coral I'd like to think that he maybe just realised their twee folk psychedlia was shit. But that's probably just me being unfair.

Anyway, Bill appears to be heading into the realms of contemporary classical music and if this video, directed by Adeline Mai, is anything to go by then that is a good thing. I struggle to understand within the video what is real and what is post-production, but regardless it's pretty special. The combination of filters applied to the swimming couple feels like a brilliant visualisation of the sounds. Just a word of warning - the video is probably slightly NSFW.

You can download Ryder-Jones' EP, A Leave Taking, for free here. He will be releasing his debut album on Domino imprint Double 6 soon.

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