Comment: Banana Ripple - Junior Boys

Over the weekend I received a promo for the new Junior Boys album, It's All True, from Domino and I have to say it has rapidly become one of my favourite albums I have heard in a while. I'll definitely be doing a full review of this soon but it is so good that I can't help but want to get others as excited as I am.

A couple of months back I linked to the Domino site where you could download album track 'ep' so I thought I'd share another track off the album. This one you (sadly) can't download but it is well worth a stream over at Soundcloud. 'Banana Ripple' is the album closer and blends the Boys' usual warm, soft sound with a loved up sense of Ballearia. It's pure summer joy and I love it.

Junior Boys - Banana Ripple by DominoRecordCo

Get excited: summer's here.

BP x