MP3: The Red Kiss (The Magician Precious 80's Dub) - The Aikiu

Aikiu is the result of a collaboration between Alex Aikiu and his friends Julien Vichnievsky and Cedric Pilooski. Alex was born in Paris but grew up in Africa and this music apparently draws from both his early love of pop culture and his experiences in Africa.

'The Red Kiss' is drenched in 80s references, and this remix from former member of Aeroplane, The Magician, really ramps those up. The result is a heady rush of Phil Collins drums and Rick Astley vocals. We're not too proud to dance to that sort of thing round my way and this makes me sort of glad that the Aeroplane split gave us two different versions of the trademark Aeroplane sound rather than one.

And just check out that look: Strong or what?

Download 'The Red Kiss (The Magician Precious 80's Dub)' by Aikiu on MP3 here [right click, save as].