Single Review: Open Your Eyes - Alex Metric & Steve Angello

Frankly the only fair and just way to assess this 'super-collab' between two of clublands emerging heavyweights is in a stream-of-consciousness style rant written by your reviewer as they listen through for the first time:

We are floating. I can't even see my legs anymore. I'm having the best time. See those city lights? Yeah? And the cars all that way below us? Awesome...

Oh, some drums! That's because Alex Metric makes that rock influenced dance stuff. This is good. Actually this is formulaic. A break. Phew. Heavy. Hold on.... Tighter...

Drum roll. Woosh. Acid. Squelch. More acid.

Are we peaking? I think we might be peaking... But... This is actually a bit minimal. Hmmm... Maybe we aren't peaking. Where did the nice floaty bit from earlier go?

"Open Your Eyes". Oh, someone is saying the name of the song... Is this a radio DJ? Or was I just listening to an advert all this time? I'm feeling mildly not-okay. Like that time I took that pill and it all went 'a bit weird'.

Oh... Awesome! The floating 'no legs' bit is back but this time Alex bought his drums and there is a nice chord-progression bit! Awesome! We are DEFINITELY peaking!

This really is awesome! I think I'm having the best time! I love you guys! I really don't want anything more than this! In fact, this reminds me of that time I drank loads and loads and kissed that girl to Faithless' 'God is a DJ'. That was awesome. She was awesome. But not as awesome as you guys.

So in summary: Alex Metric & Steve Angello's 'Open Your Eyes' slots somewhere between 'epic' and 'turgid', 'brilliant' and 'annoying'. BlackPlastic says: enjoy it right now before it goes off and smells bad.

BP x

Open Your Eyes is out now on Positiva, available on Beatport.