Comment: That's Cool, But Can You Make It More Sh*t?

The DFA have recently completed a retrospective of all of their designed materials at the Tom Dunne Gallery in Sidney entitled That's Cool, But Can You Make It More Sh*t? Which is aces.
Sadly BlackPlastic didn't get to go, it being on the other side of the world, and it is already over but this video gives a little insight into the awesomeness that was it.
The look of the DFA output has always been pretty much consistently superb and it is perhaps symbolic of the attention to detail that the people behind the label have - something that generally comes through in the music. BlackPlastic would argue that this approach has defined what we would consider some of the very best labels (Factory and Output, for example) - it particularly comes through in the way that the releases on all of these labels generally fit together visually and yet still stand apart on their own.
On the video James Murphy mentions his intentions to release a book - here is hoping that happens at some point.
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