Video / MP3: Grindin' - Nobody Beats the Drum

This new video for Nobody Beats the Drum's new track 'Grindin'' initially look like a simple, all be it cool, computer generated visualisation of the track... Only when you are a third in does it become apparent that it is actually stop frame animation.

The video is honestly seriously cool and really reminds BlackPlastic of Michel Gondry's work and since he is our favourite ever music video director that is glowing praise.  The video was actually made not by some high profile director but by the band's own VJ / visual artist Rogier van der Zwaag and it is comprised of 4,085 photos stitched together to create one continuous whole.  The end result is a bit of a head fuck - it seems to gradually build up until so much is happening that it becomes a little unnerving.

The tune itself is decent too, a nice wonky electro anthem.

Download Nobody Beats the Drum's 'Grindin'' on MP3 [right click, save as]

If you are interested in seeing how the video was made there is a making of short film on YouTube too.

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