Album Review: Temporary Pleasure - Simian Mobile Disco

It's a realisation BlackPlastic made after seeing Simian Mobile Disco live last year but it is worth stating now: we were wrong when we poo-poo'd Simian's stop-gap EP Clocks last year. Once framed within the context of a live or DJ set the tunes suddenly made much more sense.

BlackPlastic may have been longing for another 'Hustler' or 'It's The Beat' but ironically Temporary Pleasure proves that our suspicions were wrong - SMD are best when they go instrumental. It is just unfortunate that this only becomes apparent when listening to their latest album, on which all tracks bar one have a vocal.

Just as Simian Mobile Disco's début album's greatest moment was without doubt the storming, instrumental opener 'Sleep Deprivation' Temporary Pleasure is never better than on the tweaking epic '10,000 Horses Can't Be Wrong'. The difference is that where the last album gained pacing and variety through the different vocal tracks too many here feel a little lazy and phoned-in, with SMD seemingly happy to include them just so they can name-check some people on the sticker that goes on the cover.

The problem is that Temporary Pleasure spectacularly fails deliver on the promise offered in those acidic, tweaking live sets and the glistening album cover, itself suggesting a prog-rock analogue synth concept album. Instead we have an album that feels like a collection of the weakest points from each of the last few Chemical Brothers albums.

Temporary Pleasure - unfortunately an all too apt description: occasional moments of joy but some way short of greatness.

BP x

Temporary Pleasure is out now, available from on CD, Special Edition CD, LP and MP3 [affiliate links].