MP3: Root of All Evil - Evil Nine mix

Over the past week BlackPlastic has mostly been loving Evil Nine's free downloadable mix, Root Of All Evil, which supposedly celebrates duo Pat and Tom first meeting 20 years ago to make the cover of a Soviet-era workout record.


Regardless of the reason for the mix the tracklisting speaks for itself:

  1. Units - High Pressure Days
  2. Gary Numan - Films
  3. Payback Interlude
  4. The Splash Band - Halloween II
  5. November Group - Shake It Off
  6. ANNA - Systems Breaking Down (Dub)
  7. Dark Star Interlude
  8. Hypnosis - Oxygene
  9. A. Rodionov - Modern Pentathlon (Suite 5)
  10. Art Of Noise - Moments In Love
  11. Doctors Cat - Feel The Drive (Instrumental)
  12. Tasmanian Fahrenheit Interlude
  13. Mark Lindsay - Shogun Assassin
  14. Units - Digital Stimulation

The result is dark, eighties drenched synth sounds for a gloomy Tuesday (or whatever day you read this).

Head over to Marine Parade's artist page for Evil Nine to download the mix - sorry, for some reason they have no permalinks so you may have to browse a bit if you have found this some time down the line future kids.