MP3: Mix - David E. Sugar

Unfortunately BlackPlastic ran out of time to post this before the Kill 'Em All FabricLive night mentioned in a recent post but it's good enough that it seemed worth posting anyway...

David E. Sugar's mix of pop vocals and slightly dirty tech-house hooks have made his work one of the highlights of the two most recent Kitsuné Maison compilations and he performed a live set at FabricLive on Friday. As a sample of what you probably heard if you were there (or what you will hear if you get the chance to see him live) he has put together a mix of all his own tracks. The result sounds like what Calvin Harris probably thinks he sounds like in his head and it is rather enjoyable.

Tracklisting (all his own tracks, remember):


  1. House Mate
  2. Travel Light
  3. Milan
  4. Although you may Laugh
  5. Part One
  6. Math Rock
  7. Party Killer (Provokes a remix)
  8. I see love


Check it out (right click, save as).

BP x