Single Review: It's Not Right - 10 Rapid

If you are still not feeling Christmas at this point you may as well give up and, well, 10 Rapid just might help you forget all about the festivities. Following up on the rather infectious single 'Minor Riot' that we covered earlier this year comes 10 Rapid's new track 'It's Not Right'.

And it's a boisterous affair. If 'Minor Riot' reminded BlackPlastic of Justice then this latest track is Boys Noize, which is to say it's harder and totally uncompromising. Its five-and-a-half-minute length is a harsh lesson in wobbly basslines and tweaking acid but it certainly does the job and would get the floor moving. It lacks the defining structure that makes some of 10 Rapid's contemporaries, or even previous single 'Minor Riot', as ideal for home listening as dancefloor fodder but it is certainly likely to get a dancefloor moving.

'It's Not Right' is available now, with the original mix on Juno, the Streetlife Rough Mix on Beatport and both the Mixdown 100 Remix and the Streetlife Smooth Remix on iTunes.

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