Album Review: Arminico Hewa - OOIOO

What happens if you mix Gang Gang Dance's distorted and shattered take on urban music and melt it down with the Battles and Asa Chung & Junray?

Something like this. A unhinged, disjointed piece of post-math-rock.

And to listen to it is to hear one of the strangest records BlackPlastic has heard in a while. Scat vocals, yelps, acid... African percussion...

Basically Arminico Hewa is every passing fad of the past couple of years played at once. Up close it is all far too much and BlackPlastic certainly wouldn't recommend playing it on a first date or listening to it whilst you sleep (unless you, your partner, or both are mental) but take a step back and it is kind of beautiful: Free of form or structure. So base it really underlines the similarity between humans and animals - just try listening to 'Irorun' and you will see what we mean.

So weird and full-on in might make you puke. Which is kind of awesome in our book.

BP x

Arminico Hewa is out on 2 November on Thrill Jockey, available for order now on on CD and LP [affiliate links].