Single Review: Not Made For Love - Metronomy

Metronomy have no right to be this bloody good. Last album Nights Out recreated the Metronomy sound in the form of a band with proper vocals and everything - you only need to take one listen to the last Simian Mobile Disco album to get a feel for how well (or not) that can go. But Nights Out surprised because, actually, it wasn't shit. In fact it was rather good.

And now this: basically three tracks (plus a stack of remixes) of sheer, wonky-pop-gold. 'Not Made For Love' sounds like Metronomy's best Hot Chip impression and golly does it sucker-punch BlackPlastic with it's slow, soulful hook and dough-eyed vocals. 'Do The Right Thing' recalls Nights Out's 'Thing For You' with it's falsetto vocals, only this time the whole song feels like it has been ground down to dust by dark winter nights and walks home following miss-understood romantic exchanges. Finally 'What Do I Do Now' is a completely bizarre electronic trip. With distorted vocals and a driving synth it feels like the actual soul of a spurned computer game, pining for a lost love but unable to understand it's feelings.

The whole EP feels like music that is being more honest than it intends. It may set out to make you dance but it ends up crying on your shoulder instead. Metronomy have just created the perfect soundtrack for those contemplative autumnal evenings now the nights are drawing in.

The remixes may be ultimately surplus to requirements but the package certainly is not. A perfect way to keep warm as autumn draws in.

BP x

Not Made For Love is out now, available from on LP and MP3 [affiliate links].