Album Review: Me, But Perfect - Engine7

Take a dash of post-rock, throw in some Global Communication inspired ambience and a sprinkling of atmosphere. Simmer gently on a hot summer's day whilst stirring gently.

This is Engine7.

Me, But Perfect seems to want to be a concept album in that each track title is followed by a time of day and these run in chronological order from 7:14am through to a not staggeringly late bedtime of 8:07pm. If it is supposed to be a concept album it's a bit thin on the concept side but perhaps BlackPlastic is over-analysing again. And if this is the soundtrack to a day then it must be an important one filled with earthquakes, floods, deaths and births. Or at least an unpleasant break-up and some exciting kissing bits.

Because Me, But Perfect is pretty emo, less in the I-hate-myself-and-want-to-die way and more in the I'm-watching-Planet-Earth-and-want-to-cry way. Which basically translates to this: Engine7 sound like an electronic Sigur Ros who have lost their singer. If you have always hated the Icelandic-guy-wailing (not whaling, we're mostly politics free here) element of the Ros, or maybe just want a bit more moody-yet-at-times-uplifting-atmospheric-music, then Engine7 are worth a listen. Particularly if you can do it whilst cooking on a deserted beach this summer.

BP x