Comment: Under Pressure - Queen & David Bowie

Lately BlackPlastic has been occupied with thoughts that 'Under Pressure' just might be the perfect pop song. It's generally difficult to justify such assertions but let's try anyway:

1. That bassline. It's timeless, everyone knows it. Along with Madonna's 'Holiday' bassline this must be one of the most distinctive ever written.

2. The drums. By golly, those drums are good. They sizzle and snap, they thud. Combined with the drip drop piano part it creates something special.

3. The wandering guitar. Understated, beautiful.

4. The swell. You know the the build up bit prior to Bowie's "It's the terror" bit... Sublime. And then it collapses like a house of cards prior to:

5. The second swell. Why can't we give love that one more chance?

6. And fade to: finger clicks. Perfect.

What makes 'Under Pressure' so great is that has not just fantastic instrumentation, vocals and lyrics but also beautiful structure. In fact BlackPlastic would argue the considered pacing actually demonstrates poise.

Go have a listen.

BP x