Album Review: Ed Rec Volume 3 - Various

You know what time it is: Ed Banger are back with another installment
of their Ed Rec series and they intend to party...

And on the whole, they succeed. There are moments that are less
exciting: Uffie seems less alluring than normal and a couple of tracks
feel dangerlously like filler (see Krazy Baldhead's 'Now Cow, No
Pow'), which really hits hard when you have only 45 minutes of record.

Yet there is plenty of attitude and innovation to keep things
interesting. For the former check Busy P's effort 'To Protect and
Entertain', a lewd, crude and downright rude hip-hop record, or Mr.
Flash's predictably Ronseal 'Over The Top' - an electro 80s hair metal
track. Offering the latter are SebAstian with 'Dog', a nasty hardcore-
metal track that stays fresh because the rhythm section is just too
funky and French to ever get used by a metal band, and DJ Mehdi, who
truly raises his game on the piano-house workout 'Pocket Piano'.

Through in a live version of Justice's 'Stress' that sounds like the
soundtrack to a shark attack and you have quite a package. Ed Rec Vol.
3 may not feel as fresh as Vol. 2 but that is probably a reflection of
their increased exposure as much as anything. They still sound like
the most innovative and exciting collective on the planet right now.

BP x