Album Review: Apocalypso - The Presets

Could this really be yet more Australian goodness?

The Presets always struck BlackPlastic as somewhat also-rans. Sure, Beams had its moments but it never felt right for the dancefloor and it certainly lacked the depth needed for continued home listening.

Apocalypso isn't a departure, it is a refinement. Fans of Beams have nothing to fear... Whilst here is more melody there is also more bass and by stretching things in every direction The resets have been able to do more whilst retaining what made them different.

The result is an album that definately removes them from the 'also-ran' category. You should lready know 'My People'. It's a devastating migraine of a track, a true call to arms that gets better the more you hear it... Basslines chew you up and spit you out without pausing for thought whilst a chorus aches to be heard all over the radio, pop skills dripping from the pores.

If 'My People' is rewards repeat listens then Apocalypso digs itself into your heart like a series Nandos habit. Soon you can't help but life the fired-up fury and the easy entrance and exit policy. Apocalypso doesn't take itself overly seriously but doesn't undermine what it is either.

So 'This Boy's In Love' mixes tranced-up glow sticks and hands-aloft melodies with 80s lyrics and teenage rebellion, the soundtrack to a modern day Breakfast Club. 'Talk Like That' is gothic-opera-pomp and bassline-grimein turns with a chorus made of stiched-up vocals and melodic harmonies, proof that what Apocalypso does best is blend.

And what a melting-pot it turns out to be. 'Eucalyptus' is all kraut-rock, speedy punk drums until a gentle vocal tried to overpower the backing for the chorus and it all twists up into a climatic post-punk freak-out. 'If I Know You' mixes Spandau Ballet vocals with minimal-house and live keys, it's almost a ballad and, frankly, it's great.

All this and the album highlight hasn't even been mentioned. 'Together', grinding and stuttering its way to a shout out chorus, screams for end-of-night, open-air-anthem status.

The Modular collective are rapidly rendering Ed Banger redudant they have not just the remixes, but the singles and, more importantly, the albums. And there is more to come Enough has been said: Apocalypso is another great record for 2008.

BP x