Album Review: Get Awkward - Be Your Own Pet

Maybe it is BlackPlastic or maybe it is the world that has changed, but 2008 seems a much more suitable time for Be Your Own Pet. Their self-titled debut certainly made an ikpac on those that listened to it but, with the exception of the cycling anthem 'Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle', and in contrast to their peers Death From Above 1979 nothing quite managed to transcend the general racket it was born of.

Times have changed and a scuffle with the same album leaves BlackPlastic wondering why it wasn't on heavy rotation at the time. No matter: BYOP are back and Get Awkward sees all the attitude left in-tact.

Crashing down like a band determined to tear through their setlist as quickly as possible, 'Super Soaked' wastes no time or effort in demonstrating what Get Awkward is about: More of the same. If the world doesn't get what you are trying to do then just knock the volume up, increase the tempo and do it some more...

...And maybe it's just BlackPlastic's punk tendancies shining through but, in BYOP's case, this form of near religious fanaticism sure is appealing. 'Heart Throb' is a fantastic trash-ode to the joys of an extra-curricular crush whilst 'Becky' creates the perfect soundtrack to high-school bullying.

If noisy, bluesy, lo-fi punk-metal isn't you thing you will probably still not like Be Your Own Pet... But if the last album left you at least luke-warm then BlackPlastic suggests you re-visit. Be Your Own Pet may not be prepared to change, you might.

BP x