Feeling Feisty - Van She remix 'out there'

Every now and again you hear a track and you like it. You like it so much you have to cheekily skip back to the beginning once it ends. This happens to BlackPlastic 2.23 times a week.

Every now and again a track fulfills the above requirement but you also find whenever you get in your car you just have to stick this tune on before playing anything else. This happens to BlackPlastic 1.45 times a month.

Every now and again you find a track so utterly delicious you can't help but play it again and again. You want to subject everyone you know to it. You want to hear it as soon as you get up, you want it to be the last thing you hear at night. You want to make it your mobile ringtone but you'd never be able to answer your phone again because you wouldn't want to stop the sound. This hardly ever happens.

Ladies and Gentlemen, go forth and listen to the Van She remix of Feist's 1234.

Brilliant, no? This sounds like about four of your favourite songs playing at once and yet it still sounding right. It is dripping in summer. It makes BlackPlastic's heart flutter.


P.S. If you like this check out the Postal Service remix of 'Mushaboom' (covered by BlackPlastic here). Also shell out some cash on Van She's gorgeous 'Kelly', it's on eMusic and probably iTunes.