Video: All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem

So the next single off of LCD Soundsystem's Sound of Silver is the rather glorious 'All My Friends'. The video is above and it's actually pretty good, BlackPlastic suggests you have a watch, but stick with it because it has a bit of a slow start. By the time Murphy's getting drenched and you can tell his make-up's starting to run BlackPlastic can't help but remember the fact that this song still makes him go a big rubbery one.

The more savvy amongst you will already have heard that Franz Ferdinand have done a cover of 'All My Friends' for this release. There are some low quality rips out there if you care to look. BlackPlastic believes they'll be a better quality version on official release with the single. It kind of sounds like New Order, and is definitely a worthwhile take even if it loses the kraut rock fantabulousness of the original.

If I could be with my friends tonight...