MP3 Link: Eraser (XXXChange Remix) - Thom Yorke

Yeah, yeah, so every other blog has an opinion on In Rainbows, Radiohead's possibly free, were it not for the guilt, new album. BlackPlastic says "Hell, do what you want, you always do anyway!" but politely reminds you of all the drunken arguments you've had that revolved around the fact that if you could by DRM free downloads straight from the artist you'd at least give them a a bit of money.

Anyway. The cool kids are still wigging out to Thom Yorke's solo effort 'The Eraser' (we mean the extremely awesome song more than the good album) and what would you know, XXXChange, of Spank Rock fame (what do you mean, who?) turns out a mix of Yorke's most beautifully paranoid effort in years. This is on Panda Toes, although Discobelle may have had it first. A commenter on Discobelle likens this to the DFA and they are bang right. Somehow XXXChange has stopped thinking about fine ass for a minute and turned in an understated cut (not that BlackPlastic doesn't love the sick bass on 'Backyard Betty') with some very nice drums. Imagine 'Eraser' meets the DFA mix of Goldfrapp's 'Slide In' and you are half-way there.

Word is there is no release. Grab it whilst it's there. Yes, BlackPlastic knows storage is expensive. This comes with a 'worth 6mb or more' guarantee.