June Song of the Month...

Possibly the first album ever reviewed on BlackPlastic.co.uk was DJ Hell's NY Muscle and whilst that review has been lost in the midst of time it is fairly easy to remember that the response to Hell's album was mixed. This is a response BlackPlastic stands by, but there is one track that more than makes this album worthy of a visit - 'Tragic Picture Show'.

Before BlackPlastic goes any further an apology is necessary... 'Tragic Picture Show' features James Murphy, who has become somewhat ubiquitous around these parts. Next month's song won't feature him, that's a promise, but 'Tragic Picture Show' was just too good to pass up on.

It starts off and things are already falling down the stairs... "Just don't play the song and I'm just gonna read it like I'm... Losing my fucking mind" says the vocalist as the beat comes in. And what a beat... High hats ricochet, toms bounce out across the floor, the bassline is sleazy and funky... 'Tragic Picture Show' is the sound of a nervous breakdown and is the perfect driving song.

The lyrics paint a picture of a man absorbed in grief but unable to stop and things really come to a head in the 'chorus'. The vocals are inaudible, dissolved in distortion. This is 4 minutes forty-three is pure jet black chaos and it's fantastic.