Album Review - Gomma Gang 3 mixed by Munk

Most label merely compilations show case the cream of their crop of artists and end up either too similar, too disparate or even worse, just plain boring. The lucky few manage to transcend these barriers in order to create something truly great. As promised, this is the review of Gomma's Gomma Gang 3, mixed by Munk.

Gomma Gang 3 does what other labels strive to do. It creates a sound that less makes Gomma sound like they are surfing the crest of the wave of musical cool, more seismically driving the waves themselves. Take the album opener, a dub of Headman's 'Rong Hands' featuring Ed Laliq, rolling live-sounding basslines mix with drums reminiscent of Run DMC's 'Walk This Way', creating a lovely, live sounding dance workout. The Midnight Mike mix of Munk's own 'Disco Clown' is simultaneously rediculous and enjoyable, cheesy vocals and filters playing off each other to make something rather enjoyable.

Elsewhere Midnight Mike provide's the similarly stupid but enjoyable techno-tinged 'Hot In The Kitchen' - never has food sounded so naughty. Summer vibes abound in Munk & Chloe's 'Ce Kul (Francisco Remix)', the perfect upbeat soundtrack to a summer time drive with the top off.

Label superstars, WhoMadeWho's ubiquitous 'Space For Rent' appears in two different forms, with The Rapture's bleep-ridden version stealing the show, drenching the Gomma Gang 3's close in static. Also present is their cover of Benny Bennasi's 'Satisfaction'.

As previously hinted on BlackPlastic, absolute star of the show is 'Kick Out The Chairs' by Munk and James Murphy, here remixed by Who Made Who. This mix compliments the original, adding a funky twist with some guitars and making the tune sound even more in tune with it's paint-by-numbers spirit. 'Kick Out The Chairs' sparkles and shines from start to finish.

Much like the compilations from the DFA and Get Physical, Gomma Gang 3 is an absolute credit to the label behind it. Essential.