March Song of the Month...

This month BlackPlastic would like to highlight the brilliance of M83 and in particular their ode to those years of our lives where everything seems far more important than it is, 'Teen Angst'.

Upon first hearing M83 BlackPlastic suspected that they might be a poor man's Ulrich Schnauss, congering laid back melodies that flow along a similar vein but lack the emotional impact of Schnauss' best work (listen to 'On My Own' for example). Upon hearing M83's second album, Before The Dawn Heals Us, BlackPlastic was forced to reconsider.

Everything about Before The Dawn Heals Us is a wonder. The art work is beautifully designed and whilst the album treads a journey that takes in many different sounds, from the lush apathy of 'Don't Save Us From The Flames' to the adrenaline-fueled horror-movie-inspired 'Car Crash Terror!', it works as a cohesive whole. M83 sound like a My Bloody Valentine or Jesus and The Mary Chain that have evolved to a state beyond the use of mere physical instruments. 'Teen Angst' is the undeniable highlight of M83's backcat to date - a piece of music that sets out to destroy what we know as pop music. This is a song that is more exciting, accesible, joyous, thrilling and pure than anything that will grace the UK top ten this year or, probably, any other.

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M83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us - Teen Angst
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