Piece of music deisgn for running to review: LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 Nike+ Original Run

Despite the fact that BlackPlastic is a little unsure how it feels about Nike, and even less sure how it feels about LCD Soundsystem teaming up with them we have to admit this is a good idea.

LCD Soundsystem have returned to the fray with not an album, or a single, but a piece of music 45 minutes long written specifically for running to. As you would expect from the DFA stable this is not what you would expect - less four to the floor to set your pace by, more spacey, melodic funk.

Consisting of what could only really be termed 'movements' 45:33 zips through a lovely bit of piano based funk to electronic dub, to electronic punk-funk and beyond. The concept is, of course, that this all fits in with the changes your body goes through as you push it through the experience of running. Following the movements already described, about 28 minutes into 45:33 there's some weird, Mexican sounding freak-out that gradually descends into chaos prior to a 7-8 minute ambient work-down climaxing with the sound of your heart stopping.

45:33 is a good piece of music just for listening to at home, and following BlackPlastic's workout down the gym we can confirm it's pretty good to run to as well.

Currently 45:33 Nike+ Original Run is only available via iTunes.