Human After All is... Stupid!

A friend of blackplastic's in a galaxy far, far away (Mexico) recently asked what the new Daft Punk album, 'Human After All', is like.

Blackplastic needed but one word:

However, Blackplastic is currently digging 'Technologic' (as featured on the new iPod advert). It also quite likes 'Robot Rock'. And 'The Prime Time of Your Life'. The tiles track is alright too.

The problem is this: Whilst 'Human After All' is an enjoyable enough pop album Daft Punk seem to have forgotten what made 'Homework' so great.

Nothing has been learnt of the whole Robot fiasco that was 'Discovery' and whilst that album was gloriously ridiculous everyone needs to sober up at times, yet the kiddies' party goes on with 'Human After All'. Sadly 'Human After All' lacks anything as ball-achingly good as 'Rollin' & Scratchin'' or funky as 'Teachers', both of which still sound absolutely vital today, and sadly feels (as 'Discovery' did) too much like a concept album.

Oh well, blackplastic will let Daft Punk get back to dancing (with their dunce hats on) with their iPods. We still don't forgive that fucking Gap advert though.