one word... wtf?

These are strange days indeed for pop music. Everybody seems to have almost forgotten that rock music is the new cool and instead everybody wants to be a gangster. Which can only make matters worse.

Anyway, back onto my chosen topic... It would appear Kelly Osbourne has decided to ditch her rock chick image (let's face it, with tunes like 'shut up' it never washed anway) in favour of a (drum roll please)... Some sort of eighties electro divadom. 'One Word' sounds nothing like anything you would expect from Kelly, in that it sounds kinda like it was produced by Ladytron, or even more accurately Visage's 'Fade To Grey' for the 2005 pop charts.

That said, it's not particularly amazing or anything, it just seems odd that the PR department at her label decided THIS was the way to go... What IS disappointing is the fact that Felix Da Housecat (once again, bizarrely) was on hand to remix Kelly and her dad's duet, 'Changes', yet is nowhere to be seen here. 'One Word' is much more Felix's thing and could definately do with a stripped down version that's lost some of Ms. Osbourne's vocals.