October song of the month...

In the first of a (hopefully) monthly ongoing piece BlackPlastic highlights a great song that you should rush out and buy this month. This month, the first ever song of the month is...

Pulp - Babies

Up until about a year ago BlackPlastic never really thought itself a Pulp fan. One visit to the fantastic Fopp and an exceptional deal on Pulp's Hits album changed that (for £3, how can you go wrong?).

Whilst the album was bought for such previously heard gems as 'Do You Remember The First Time?' and 'Common People' the track that really captured the imagination was track one, album opener, 'Babies'. 'Babies' is pure gold. The excitement of Cocker's first physical foray as a loved-up teenager is irresistable, perfectly capturing the complete normality of 80s South Yorkshire through the kaleidoscopic lense of teenage sexual desire. When Cocker sings "I want to give you children..." you almost believe it, and by the time he cuts in with the lush, join-in, "yeah, yeah, yeah yeah" bit you really do believe it.

And the line "I only went with her, 'cos she looks like you" has got to be up there with the most romantic lines of all time.

Cocker. The voice of a man with the words of a boy.

Buy Pulp - Hits at Amazon.co.uk here.