Stream: Low - Youth

Loving both the original and Fever Trails remix of this new track from Youth. The original is sun-drenched, thick and honey-like - full of big pads and scattering drum patterns. Listen to it and download it via Soundcloud above.

The Fever Trails mix is a little more frenetic, rolling in pitched vocal treatments and some filtered bass. Fever Trails is South African electronic producer Nicolaas Van Reenan - you can check out his own (slightly bonkers) work on his Soundcloud.

Download: Falling For You - L'Étranger

A glorious bit of French touch courtesy of the (Yorkshire based!) L'Étranger here in the form of their gorgeous track "Falling For You". The track is available as a free download temporarily to celebrate a recent airing within Lazerdisk's recent guest mix for Diplo & Friends on Radio 1.

There's apparently a new EP in the works and we can expect a special guest, but in the meantime I'll be jacking this up on my headphones!