News: Glastonbury announce Emerging Talent Competition 2011


Glastonbury Festival have just announced their Emerging Talent Competition for 2011's festival, giving new unsigned bands across the UK and Ireland the opportunity to win a slot on the main stage. The winner will be in esteemed company - previous winners include Stornoway, We Have Band, the Golden Silvers, the Subways, Ellen and the Escapades and, erm, Scouting For Girls.

At BlackPlastic we are always getting contacted by new unsigned acts - Glastonbury's competition represents a fantastic opportunity to get some exposure so if you are a music maker then we strongly recommend you enter. All styles and genres are eligible and entrance is free and surprisingly hassle free - you simply need to enter a link to where your music can be heard.  It's worth noting you only have a week to enter - the closing date is 5pm Monday 17 January 2011.

BlackPlastic has been selected along with 39 other bloggers to help judge this year's competition and you will have to excuse our blushes as we gush a bit and confess how chuffed we are to have been invited to be associated with such a prize.

You can find details on how to enter along with the full list of blogs that are judging over at the Glastonbury Festivals site... Good luck!

BP x

News: Seriously Social / Bugged Out 'Dream Party' Competition

BlackPlastic hearts Bugged Out almost as much as we heart dreaming up ridiculous party / 'high concept' night clubs and so it is with great joy that we heard about Seriously Social's dream party competition with Bugged Out.

The idea is simple - you've got £30,000 and Bugged Out DJ Johnny Burgess... the world is your oyster. Every idea is considered by a panel of judges before the best 25 go before a public vote. If your party idea is selected then you get to do it for real!

BlackPlastic has already entered... Expect photos if we win!

To give you some inspiration here is Johnny recounting his favourite ever Bugged Out night (it made BlackPlastic a bit emotional):

My favourite Bugged Out night. Daft Punk, Liverpool, 1998. 
From Bugged Out my most enduring memory is from 1998. It was the fourth birthday and we had tried to get Daft Punk to DJ at it. They had played for us since our first year but we kept getting vague 'maybe's and then a  'no' from their manager Pedro Winter. So we printed the flyers and posters with the existing line up and carried on with the promotion. Then the week of the show Pedro got in touch to ask if we would be interested in Thomas Bangalter coming over to play a live set. Thomas had just had the biggest club hit of the summer as Stardust with Music Sounds Better With You and also that Gym Tonic tune. Of course we were up for it. Then the day before the show Pedro rang again and said that Guy Manuel would like to come along too so perhaps we would be interested in squeezing Daft Punk onto the bill after all. So when people turned up to the club they were greeted with the news. There was no twitter back then and people didn't even check websites that often so we announced it with the words Daft Punk scrawled on the existing posters in marker pen! Thomas played Music Sounds Better With You live from the DJ booth and then him and Guy-Man started their DJ set with Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday. I think I had something in my eye at that moment. As it was a last minute booking I don't think we really paid anything other than their train fares and hotels so we left them a box set each of The Beach Boys Pet Sounds on their hotel beds as a way of saying thanks. Different times indeed...

To enter simply head over to the Seriously Social Facebook page, become a fan and submit your entry. Closing date is Monday but it only takes a minute.

BP x