Download: 2011 Overview Mix - Mario Basanov

Mario Basanov is another artist who has been on my radar for a while. Last year he dropped the nice disco effort 'Up' (which featured on Future Disco 4, as covered here) and he also featured on the Future Balearica album. Whilst those tracks are good it is his latest single, the first to feature a full vocal (delivered by Mario himself no less) that really blew me away.

'Lonely Days' is pure summer Balearic heaven - a fusion of cosmic disco and house that I can't get enough of. The original mix is pure laid back summery goodness whilst the Plate Dub adds a slow piano combined with a driving build-up this is utterly irresistible - to listen to this and not dream of being out lounging in the sun is impossible. Even better is Drop Out Orchestra's remix, which adds a heavier disco flourish to the original and some awesome guitar (there is nowhere near enough guitar in house music). You can check out embeds of the former two on Soundcloud below, but the Drop Out Orchestra version is worth seeking out:

Mario Basanov - Lonely Days 12'' by Mario Basanov

Mario Basanov - Lonely Days (Plate Dub) 12'' by Mario Basanov

Mario has also just released a free downloadable mix and I'm pleased to say that it totally brings the lush, warm sound that I love about his work to a long form mix. No track listing at present (let us know if you find one) but trust me, it's a keeper. You can listen to it and download on the Soundcloud player (or link) below:

Mario Basanov - 2011 Overview Mix by Needwant

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'Lonely Days' is released on Need Want on 13 June, available for pre-order on on MP3 [affiliate link].